Elk Ground (1 lb)

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Elk ground meat. 1 lb. Trial Size. After you've tried the great taste of elk you'll be hooked for more. Elk ground meat makes delicious meat sauce, burgers, stroganoff, meat balls. tacos ....I can go on and on. You’ll see that once you’ve tried elk – there’s no going back to beef. Now we offer it in 1 lb packages so you can taste the goodness before you buy in bulk. We call these single servings but of course you can make a meal for the entire family with 1 lb of bison meat. Bison is 90% lean meat so with Sayersbrook bison meat you won't be draining fat from the meat as preparation instructions for beef. 

Sayersbrook's all natural premium meat

  • Lower in fat (same as chicken breast)
  • Higher in protein
  • Lower in calories
  • Lower in cholesterol
  • Half the saturated fat
  • No gamey taste

Conveniently packaged in 1 lb packages.

Elk meat can be used in any recipe calling for beef.  

Nutritional Facts