Sayersbrook Video Recipes

Watch how easy it is to whip up an elegant but easy meal using Bison Meat.

Sayersbrook Bison makes it easy for beginners to cook bison to perfection with our exclusive collection of cooking videos. Chef George shows you how to easily transform bison meat into delicious, tender and elegant dishes. Serve your family and friends buffalo. Rich in protein, low in fat and cholesterol, Sayersbrook boasts a huge selection of scrumptious all natural grass fed bison meat cuts. 

Delivered to your door. Just make your order online and follow the video recipe instructions. 

We constantly add new exclusive bison cooking videos, so tune in often. 

Eat healthy. Eat bison meat

Chef George shows you how to Cook up Bison strip loin steak. Fast, easy and elegant. This recipe is a winner.

Bison meat osso bucco. Tender and delicious with a robust flavour. An easy gourmet bison meat dish to prepare. Bison osso bucco are enormous cuts of shank with lots for marrow. Healthy, protein rich. An elegant recipe idea.

Preparing Buffalo shanks (Osso Bucco) 


Bison Meatloaf with a Twist

Gourmet meatloaf using bison ground meat. Easily put together this elegant and delicious but simple dish. Great for entertaining family and friends. Freezes well.

Grilling Bison Burgers with Skip Sayers