Tips to Manage Candy Overload

Tips to Manage Candy Overload

Posted by Sayersbrook Bison on 2016 Oct 25th

Prevent your kids from eating too much Halloween candy with these helpful tips

Halloween is an exciting time for kids. And it might be a bit stressful on parents. After all, now is the time they do things they are constantly taught NOT to do every other part of the year - not to accept candy from strangers. 

Basically as a parent you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

But there are certain ways you can manage their candy overload.

- Be lenient about candy eating on halloween within reason. Talk about how the rest of the candy will be handled.

- Encourage your kids to be mindful of the amount of candy eaten and stop when feeling full or sick

- Try to reduce the halloween stash. A good way is to buy candy back. Pay them for some of their candy. It’s a win -
win station

- Let them trade the halloween candy for something they have been wanting - like a book or a toy

- Store candy in another part of the house other than your child's room. Storing candy in their room makes it just too

- Set limits as to how much candy to consume per day

- Remove candies that might be choking hazards (gum, peanuts, hard candy, small toys

Say no and make them aware and not accept candy that is:

  1. not commercially wrapped
  2. discoloured or has an unusual appearance
  3. unwrapped items
  4. homemade or baked goods

When in Doubt - Throw it Out

Candy alternatives to give out on halloween

  • Trading cards
  • party favours (so many to choose from at the dollar store
  • Stickers
  • Pencils
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Raisons
  • Small bags of pretzels, etc..

The calories in those little boxes of Halloween treats sure add up. Check for the amounts of calories in your favorite candies

100 calories of Halloween Candy looks like this

1/2 bag of M&Ms

95% of 1 Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

2.2 boxes of Nerd (and these are really small boxes!)

14 pieces of Candy Corn

10.6 pieces of Sour Patch Kids

less than 1/2 snickers bar

Click on this link for more examples

The most efficient way to keep your kids from over-indulging in Halloween candy is to serve them a healthy meal before the candy starts to pour in. 

But how to do this, you ask?

Easy! Below are some fun, but healthy and wholesome meal ideas before going out Trick or Treating.

The RatLoaf Meatloaf - is sure to please older kids. It's pretty gross looking but tasty. Use ground bison meat or elk meat instead of beef and you have a healthy, wholesome, high protein meal, perfect for trick or treating.

These cute mini pumpkins filled with chilli are a sure hit for your little ones. Not only are they delicious but they're a great size for little guys. 

Serving up a hearty and healthy meal before going our Trick or Treating is an awesome way to keep their energy up. 

Serving good wholesome protein rich meals with all natural meat keeps all of us in top shape. It helps the planet too. Sayersbrook meat uses no additives, no antibiotics, no steroids. Our animals are all grass fed. Good for the environment, good for you!