Make Your Charcoal Grill into A Smoker: It's Easy!

Make Your Charcoal Grill into A Smoker: It's Easy!

Posted by Sayersbrook Bison on 2016 Jun 30th

How to Convert a Simple Charcoal Grill into A Smoker

Charcoal for grilling on the barbecueCharcoal grilling makes all your barbecues so delicious. Smoking your meat is a great alternative to grilling and just a easy. 

If you have a charcoal grill. Turning it into a smoker is easy. 

How to make a smoker on your charcoal grill.

Smoking meat on a smoker is also very popular. If you don't have a smoker, it's easy to How to turn your grill into a smoker. Just follow the steps below.

  • Using wood chips such as Mesquite, Cherry or Hickory, soak the wood chips up to a half hour.
  • Take unlit charcoal and place on one side of the bottom grate of the barbecue (about 1/3 of grill) 
  • Then take the wet wood chips and about 1 cup – and place them on the unlit charcoal.
  • Use a chimney lighter to light more charcoal another cup of the charcoal and when the coals are partially white, dump that on the unlit charcoal and the wood chips mixture.
  • Add another cup to the soaked wood chips and place them on the top of the lit charcoal
  • Put an aluminum empty pan next on the grate next to the charcoal. This will be used as a drip pan
  • Put on the top grill
  • Fill another aluminum pan with water (3/4) full and place on top of the charcoal mixture. You can fill it with juice, wine or beer to give the smoke more flavor
  • Add the top grill – let it preheat until it reaches about 250° F
  • Place your meat over from the aluminum pan to catch drippings and away from the heat.
  • Put the top over the barbecue grill making sure the vents are over the flame.

Chimney starter for charcoal barbecue

What is a chimney lighter and how to make one

Chimney starters make it easy to light your charcoal

Chimney starters are the best. Unlike when using lighting fluid, there is no bad taste imparted on the cooking food. It is also, of course, free, except for a few pieces of newspaper (never use magazine paper or other types of paper). When using the chimney starter, the hottest coals tend to be on the bottom, and when emptied out, distributes the hottest coals more evenly for a better cookout. 

For more information on how to make and use a chimney lighter and on the benefits of charcoal grilling  read this great article on charcoal grilling

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