Cooking the Perfect Bison Burger

Cooking the Perfect Bison Burger

2015 Jul 2nd

How to cook the perfect bison burger. 

Sayersbrook ground all natural bison meat is flavorful in itself. No need to add too much seasoning. Just some salt and pepper will do. 

It's simple to make a delicious, tender and juicy buffalo burger. 

Just follow these steps

  1. Oil your hands first just slightly so the meat doesn’t stick to them.
  2. Form each portion sized patty quickly with your oiled hands, try to keep each patty the same size so they cook at the same rate. 1/2" patties will take approximately 4 minutes to cook on each side- totalling 8 minutes. 
  3. Make them slightly larger than the bun you will put them on.
  4. Press your thumb into the centre of each patty to make an indent. This will keep them from bulging up in the middle while grilling.
  5. Grill the meat over a medium heat so the burgers get a chance to cook on the inside without getting charred on the outside. Bison is very lean, so don't cook to medium well. It will be too dry. 
  6. Cook over hot coals or gas grill for approximately 8 minutes - turning once 
  7. Flip the burger over when it easily separated from the grill
  8. Try to restrain from squishing it down on the grill with your spatula, this will let the juices out and cause a flare up on the BBQ
  9. If desired - brush with BBQ sauce approximately 1 minute before the end of cooking time. 
  10. When ready, put them on a new plate with a clean spatula. 
  11. Keep the cooking plates from contaminating the cooked meat.

Choosing a Wine to Accompany Buffalo Burgers

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    Bison Meat Nutrition

    Sayersbrook bison ground meat and burgers contain no additives, chemicals or fillers. They are 100% gluten free. All that goes into our burgers is bison meat. Bison meat is healthy, so eating a bison burger is a win win situation. You get to eat a burger, with all its nutritional value guilt free.

    Bison contains 69% MORE IRON PER SERVING THAN BEEF.

    Eating bison meat over beef. You are paying for is almost pure protein. 15 -30% more than beef. And because it has so little fat, it doesn’t shrink during cooking. 

    Try our Bison Ground Meat.

    Want just the burgers? Try Bison Burgers ready made. We also have convenient and cost effective bulk burger boxes. Keep them in the freezer and never run out of easy BBQ meals.

    Have questions? Just drop us a line. We will be happy to help.