Wine Pairing for Buffalo Burgers

Wine Pairing for Buffalo Burgers

2015 Jul 2nd

Have you considered pairing wine with your burgers?

Bison burgers are delicious comfort food. They are delicious, nutritious full of protein and iron. There is no reason why not to accompany that succulent burger with the right wine. 

Let's discuss wine choices. What goes well with buffalo burgers?

First of all, choose a red wine and never a white. Tannins, the astringent compounds in red wines that help give the wine structure, are an ideal complement to bison as well as game meats.

Medium red wines will go with bison burgers. After all burgers are an informal type of meal.

A great match is a medium-bodied fruity wine. Try Cabernet Sauvignon, or even a rose will go nicely.

Try more powerful wines such as Zinfandels, or an Italian Tuscan red. Very delicious. 

Our Own California Wines will be a super match, They don't have to be expensive to be good. Try Shiraz, Merlot or Pint Noir

French wines such as Southern Rhône will also go with bison burgers.

But don't choose white wines, 

White wines are too light to go with a bison burger. Fruity white wines will compliment lighter meats such as turkey or chicken burgers.