Ground bison Bulk (10 lbs.)

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Bison ground meat makes burgers that are sweeter, richer and leaner than the average beef patty. Use it for chili, and meat sauce and taco recipes.

And what’s not to like? It’s lean, so very flavorful with a touch of sweetness, and makes a healthy alternative to beef. It’s is a high in protein and iron. And Natural as all food should be. Bison has what most nutrition conscious people want, lots of iron and less fat. 

  • Lower in fat (same as chicken breast)
  • Higher in protein
  • Lower in calories
  • Lower in cholesterol
  • Half the saturated fat
  • No gamey taste

Conveniently packaged in 1 lb packages.

You’ll see that once you’ve tried bison – there’s no going back to beef.


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