Bison Chili (4 lbs)

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The making of chili has been elevated to an art form in this country. There are as many different recipes for chili as there are people who love it. After trying many of these, we think ours is by far the best. SayersBrook Bison Chili is based on Mama T's own recipe. It is a delicious blend of her favorite herbs, spices, tomatoes, and, of course, bison meat. Beans provide additional nutritional value and fiber. The hearty sauce has just the right bite to please the most discriminating palate. When you add the health benefits of our lower fat and lower cholesterol bison meat to the superior flavor of our blend of ingredients, you don't have a better have the best. Each order includes 4 (16 oz)) packages.
It's not better; it's the best. 4 lbs of our famous Bison Chili.