Bison Burgers (4lbs)

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These burgers are made from the same meat as our bison steaks and bison roasts. And the flavor is terrific. Whether you choose the 1/4 lb, 1/3 lb Sayers Standard or the 1/2 lb Super Skipper, just cook your burger to a delicious medium rare and add your favorite condiments to build a meal that you'll never forget. 1 (1/3 LB) BURGER CONTAINS 16 G FAT, 270 CALORIES, 95 MG CHOLESTEROL, 95 MG SODIUM, 0 G CARBS, and 31 G PROTEIN. 
Choose from 8 (1/2 lb) Super Skipper Bison Burgers or 12 (1/3 lb) Sayers Standard Bison Burgers