Bison Bratwurst (1lb)

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The very best brats from the very best meat (1 lb. packs)

Our ready to cook bratwurst-style-sausages contain some beef or pork. Our sausage makers add potpourri of spices that give them their delicious mild flavor

When you prepare our bratwurst, you'll be in for a wonderful surprise. The flavor comes from the spices and the meat itself not from the fat. Whether you grill, pan fry, or oven bake them, our bison bratwurst are a treat worth savoring. 

Now our bison bratwurst comes in smaller 1 lb packages. 


All our cooked  sausage and bratwurst needs refrigeration. Put it in the fridge when it arrives. Reheat to a temperature of 140°F internal temperature. 

Bratwurst & Link Sausage products are vacuum sealed and can be kept refrigerated up to 2 weeks and frozen up to 6-9 months. Uncooked sausage and bratwurst are best cooked until thoroughly done and browned. 

Use within 5 days or freeze for later use

 Our bison hotdogs and brats contain 3% beef/pork for added flavor