Gifts Under $50.00

Great Gifts under $50.00...

Gourmet bison and buffalo meat gift packs for the meat lover in your life for under $50.00

Sayersbrook gift certificates are an easy solution to please even the most difficult to please person.
If you're not sure exactly what award-winning bison variety your recipient will love, give them a Sayersbrook Bison Ranch gift certificate and let them do the deciding. But you'll know for sure that you're giving the gift of good health. We know they will love all our meat products

Our products are all natural and come from grass-fed, free roaming animals. No added hormones or antibiotics are used. We make it easy for you to order. Just buy a gift certificate online. We ship throughout the USA.

Now your recipient can enjoy the great taste and health benefits of all our delicious and nutritious meat cuts.

Bison and elk are much lower in cholesterol and fat than is beef, pork or even chicken but are much higher in protein. On average bison has 40% more protein than beef. Wow, that's amazing.. 

All natural and grass-fed. Make a carnivore happy.

Warning: not for vegetarians.

Shop for your gift certificate now.


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