Bison Filets (4 x 6 oz)

Bison Filets (4 x 6 oz)
Cut from bison tenderloins, these are, by far, the most tender of buffalo steaks. This is a boneless, premium cut sure to give you the ultimate dining experience. Each steak is hand-trimmed so that virtually all of the surface fat is removed. Season them to taste and prepare them medium rare to appreciate the best that nature has to offer. You deserve it! Choose the size that you prefer but remember that since you're getting a steak that is 99% fat free, they won't shrink as much as beef so you're getting more edible steak for your money. Choose from 4 or 6 oz selections.
The most tender of buffalo steaks. Choose from 4 x 6 oz bison filet mignon.

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