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Sayersbrook Bison Recipes

Bison Recipes 

There are an infinite number of tasty dishes you can make with bison meat. Substituting ground buffalo in any dish in which you would traditionally use ground beef is a healthy alternative, that doesn't compromise the great taste of red meat. Delicious pot roasts and meatloafs, as well as traditional Mexican dishes can all be made using buffalo meat.

To get started take a look through many of our recommended buffalo recipes or submit your own recipe and win!  And, don't forget to read Buffalo Cooking 101 to ensure your buffalo meat is cooked to perfection.  


Buffalo Cooking 101

Bison cooks much faster than beef. Because it has very low fat, it tends to dry out if it is overcooked. We suggest that you plan on cooking it about half to two-thirds the time you would normally cook beef.



Healthy Eating

Bison is a delicious, healthy alternative to beef, pork, chicken, and fish. This healthy meat is a great-tasting lean red meat, that is perfect for all the low carb dieters.  View our Nutritional Chart












Bison Video Recipes

Sayersbrook Bison makes it easy for beginners to cook bison to perfection with our exclusive collection of cooking videos. Chef George shows you how to easily transform bison meat into delicious, tender and elegant dishes


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