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Rib Rack Wild Boar 5-6lb (appox. )

  • Wild Boar Rib Rack
  • Wild Boar Rib Rack Cooked

Wild Boar Rib Rack approximate weight 5-6lb. Enough for 5 – 6 people. This is an incredible tender cut and much leaner than pork. An excellent meal choice for a special dinner for family and friends. Try it, it's amazing. Watch Chef George show you how to cook an Sage and Apple Maple Glazed Rib Rack.


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Sage Apple Maple Glazed Rack of Wild Boar 08:22

Full recipe on http://www.northforkbison.com/wild-boar-rib-rack/ Impress family and friends by serving roasted wild boar instead of ham. Your hungry crowd will enjoy this sumptuous feast with wild boar at the center of the table

  • Sage Apple Map...
    Full recipe on http://www.northforkbison.com/wild-boar-rib-rac...