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SayersBrook - America's Bison World in Potosi, Missouri

For the real outdoorsman, the challenge of a Trophy Bison bull hunt has no equal. Experienced hunters from around the world have told us that the thrill involved in taking down one of these powerful beasts is second to none.

With the only bison hunting tour endorsed by the prestigious Holland & Holland of London, SayersBrook Ranch & Lodge provides a number of unique experiences that set our tours apart from typical buffalo hunts.

From bow and arrow to black powder to 375 caliber, the weapon is your choice. You can hunt the plains, the lake, the forest, or a combination of the forest and lake, each hunt is unique and you decide where you want your bison to be released. An experienced guide will take you via Hummer to locate your bison, and once sighted, the stalk will begin on foot. With speeds of up to 42 mph and a temper that is known to be as fiery as a grizzly bear's, these powerful mammals demand every hunter's respect.

Watch an actual Sayersbrook Bison Hunt!

Typical bison/buffalo hunts last one day and can be conducted year round, but the hides are best from October to April. The meat from the bison is excellent any time and will be processed in the same manner that we use to create SayersBrook's award winning dishes available at and at restaurants throughout the Midwest.

We offer several buffalo hunting packages and can also customize a unique hunting experience upon request. The vast acreage of SayersBrook ensures you an uninterrupted hunt and privacy. As the largest American mammal weighing up to 2650 lbs, a buffalo hunt can prove to be the challenge of a lifetime.

We look forward to having you join us for this unique and memorable experience at SayersBrook.

Bison or Buffalo? We are referring to the same animal. The technical name is "American Bison", however when the first settlers and mountain men happened upon the great mammals, they didn't know what they were and for lack of a correct name they called them Buffalo. Since then, the name has stuck and today many people only refer to the mammals as buffalos.

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