Bison Value Sampler #4

$126.64 $89.95
(You save $36.69)
Grilling meat on the barbecue

A collection of our best grilling meats - for the person in your house that loves to grill. 

  • (1) 2lb Baby Back Ribs
  • (1) 8oz Filet Mignon
  • (2) 6oz Top Sirloin
  • (1) 10oz Ribeye
  • (6) 1/3lb Bison Burgers

 All Natural Premium Bison Meat Cuts.  NO additives and NO chemicals of any kind. Bison is a healthy choice when eating red meat. High in protein, high in omega -3, low in cholesterol and fat. We ship right to your door. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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