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Bison Steak Sampler Pack #2

  • Sayersbrook bison steak sampler of sirloin, t-bone, filet mignon
$117.00 $74.95
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Sayersbrook Sampler Pack #2 includes:

  • (1) 8oz Filet Mignon
  • (1) 8oz NY Strip Sirloin
  • (1) 8oz Ribeye
  • (1) 14oz T-Bone
  • (1) 8oz Top Sirloin

Bison steak taster variety pack includes an assortment premium quality bison steaks. Stock up on your favorites for this year's barbecue season. All our steaks are pure, additive free with NO added hormones, NO antibiotics, NO steroids. All delicious all natural grass fed bison. Shipped to your door. Order online. Satisfaction guaranteed. 



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