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  1. Bison Ribs

    Fred Flintstone Style

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  2. Look What's For Dinner

    Meaty and Easy to Prepare

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  3. Try it With Elk

    Meatballs With A Twist

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  4. Juicy Bison Burgers

    Lean and Heart Healthy

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  5. Ready to Serve

    Try Our Prepared Bison Dishes

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America´s Bison CapitalBison Capital

Welcome To the NEW Sayersbrook Ranch

New improved look. Same great taste and quality. Combining the American Gourmet shopping experience with the Sayersbrook bison meat everyone knows and loves.

All Natural Award Winning Buffalo Meat* from SayersBrook’s American Gourmet...the New Red Meat!

Since 1976 we have been using all natural methods to develop our flavorful bison meat.
Our bison roam in magnificent large spaces. They are raised in the best conditions to promote their growth. Although often referred to as buffalo meat, the North American bison is actually the source of the flavorful red meats that are 97% fat free and contain 40% more protein than beef. Our bison are fed exclusively with 100% NATURAL FORAGE. We use NO GROWTH HORMONES, our animals go through natural fattening periods. All our products are CERTIFIED, meeting the highest quality standards.
We are proud to offer an extensive selection of SayersBrook's award winning bison steaks, bison burgers and sausages, bison roasts and other exotic foods.

Sayersbrook 100% Satisfaction Pledge

We know that our meat products are of only the finest quality. But your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please call us and we'll happily issue a credit and a thank you. It's just that simple.

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