SayersBrook - America's Bison World in Potosi, Missouri

Located in one of the oldest mountain ranges in America and surrounded on three sides by two million acres of Mark Twain National Forest, Sayersbrook Bison Ranch & Lodge is truly a unique destination. Perfect for executive retreats, group events, or club getaways, SayersBrook features a wide variety of unique activities including bison hunts, exotic meals, and luxurious amenities.

For shorter visits, SayersBrook offers group tours of the ranch which make the perfect field trip for any age group.

Also, visit our online store to purchase our Award Winning bison meat.   We have been offering our delicious and healthy bison meat since 1976, longer than anyone else in the bison business.

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Buffalo Meat

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Referred to as the "Dream" retreat by YPO and WPO leaders, the Sayersbrook Ranch & Lodge offers a number of truly unique experiences and 5-star amenities in the beautiful seclusion of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.
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Executive Retreats...
Experience the exhilaration of hunting North America's largest animal. We offer a number of fair chase buffalo hunts for those wanting the challenge presented by these powerful creatures. Read more about bison hunting...
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Ride through our unique ranch in scenic covered wagons to feed a bison herd and then feast on a delicious bison lunch in our lakefront pavilion. Tours also include a video on the history of the ranch and plenty of information on the American bison. Read more about Group Tours and Field Trips... Choose from over 100 savory bison dishes ranging from classic "heart-healthy" burgers and steaks to roasts and soups. Sayersbrook's award winning bison meat is available online at
SayersBrook Bison Ranch & Lodge     11820 Sayersbrook Rd.     Potosi, Missouri 63664     888-854-4449

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